Face to Face Therapy

Speech Pathology and Counselling


 Counselling Services

"I had 5 counselling sessions with Kellie and she helped me a lot. She listened and guided me through a troubled time I was having. Her humour and compassion are two qualities that are great assets to have as a counsellor.  Thank you for your help."  - J.P.

"Kellie was very helpful and instrumental in helping me and my husband work on our marital issues. I found one of her greatest qualities was she would listen and be very open and fair to each of us. This allowed us to be comfortable with her and she did not 'take sides'. That non-judgemental environment allowed us to feel safe and we were able to approach some of our challenges with new perspectives. We now have a stronger relationship with better communication.." L.D.



 Speech Services

 "My daughter has been seeing Kellie for the past 4 years. She has made wonderful progress during that time. Kellie is a very intuitive caring, understanding person and at the same time very professional. During the 4 years Kellie  approached the difficulty my daughter has with  language in different ways and we had many great successes. My daughter always looks forward seeing Kellie, not only because of having a great connection with Kellie but because of the help she gets  from her and the lessons broadens her abilities of using language correctly!" - K.S. (mother of a 10 yr. old girl)

 "We went to see Kellie in hopes of trying to understand our then, 4 year old son. We thought he just needed a bit of speech therapy. It was Kellie’s smart intuition, knowledge, and years of experience that helped diagnosis his autism. I was so relieved to finally have a reason for his issues, but was also devastated, and lost on what to do next. She not only helped console me, she also explained what all this meant, and how we can help him, and most of all she gave me hope! It’s been just a year, and the progress we have seen in our son is unbelievable! Kellie can keep him focused, making the sessions exciting and fun for him. He doesn’t realize he’s having therapy, (he just wants to go visit his friend Kellie so they can play). I can finally have a conversation with my son! I will be forever grateful to Kellie for giving me this gift, and for her passion and commitment in continuing to help him succeed.” -  NB  (from a mother of a 5 year old boy).