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What are the Effects of Stuttering?

Stuttering is a condition that effects both children and adults. It usually starts between the ages of 3-5 and can continue on into adulthood. There is no consensus regarding the cause of why people stutter. The severity of stuttering behaviours can range from mild to severe. At the mild end an individual can demonstrate infrequent sound repetitions, sound prolongations, whole and/or part word repetitions. A person who is considered a sever stutterer can have these effects within most sentences spoken. A person with more severe stuttering can also have secondary behaviours, such as vocal changes, breathing changes and tic-like behaviours. It is estimated that

Stuttering Therapy


Individuals of all ages can be treated for stuttering. The method and frequency of stuttering therapy varies greatly depending on age of the individual and severity of symptoms. Individuals that stutter can also go through significant emotional turmoil. In my therapy practice I find it a great advantage to treat both the physical symptoms of stuttering, as well as the emotion issues that can be associated. Overall, stuttering therapy can be very successful, and can be life changing.