Face to Face Therapy

Speech Pathology and Counselling

Session Types


Individual Counselling


This is one-on-one counselling where you and I will meet to discuss what area(s) in your life you would like to focus on. The session length is typically 50 minutes long. For individuals who prefer a longer session time, I also offer a 90 minute session.

I will usually see my clients in my office, but if you would prefer an individual counselling session over the phone or on the computer using Skype, this can be accommodated as well.


My goal is to reduce any barriers that you may have to receiving services.

Couples Counselling

When I see couples for counselling I typically will see both partners for an initial session together. At that time each partner provides information regarding what issue(s) they would like to discuss in their relationship.

The second session is arranged with each partner separately for a one-on-one session. This allows each person to have some individual time with me to further explore what they perceive are the primary areas of concern within the relationship.


The third and subsequent sessions are attended by the couple, so that the journey toward strengthening the relationship is done together. Therapy will focus not only on making joint decisions about what needs to change, but also on discovering the relationship's current strengths and positive aspects.

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